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True 500mm Machining

14:24 23/04/2019

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Wheeling, IL – Kitamura Machinery, the premier manufacturer of precision horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers is proud to announce the introduction of its Mycenter-HX500G Horizontal Machining Center for medium to large size parts that require flexibility in cutting capabilities. The exciting new member of Kitamura’s “G-Series” Machining Center Line-Up, the Mycenter-HX500G out-classes the competition in size, stroke and functionality.

Mycenter-HX500G Features
Manufactured in Japan with hand scraping production techniques, the Mycenter-HX500G offers up a host of Kitamura stand-out features such as solid box way construction with blazing 2,362ipm rapid feedrates, twin ballscrews and motors in the X & Y axes and linear scale feedback on all axes for optimum stability and ultra-high accuracies of ±0.000079” full stroke, ±0.000039” repeatability. 

The Mycenter-HX500G is unique in that it is available in two spindle configurations, giving you the choice of #40 or #50 taper, making it the ideal cutting vehicle for both lighter duty aluminum applications and those that require a heavier, more robust spindle for higher level accuracy, exotic part processing. The #40, 20,000rpm 4-step geared, dual contact spindle offers super high speeds for high end, fine finish cutting requirements. Equally impressive is the #50, 12,000rpm 4-step geared, dual contact spindle, utilizing 432.2 ft•lbs of cutting torque for heavy duty part machining. The energy efficient geared spindle design demonstrates savings of between 40% and 50% in Kilowatt hours for increased productivity and savings. HSK spindle designs are now an available option. 

Kitamura’s Mycenter-HX500G Horizontal Machining Center offers a maximum workpiece size of 31.5Ø x 43.3” (Dia. x H) within an incredibly small footprint. Super high speed rapid feedrates of 2,362ipm on solid box ways are by far the fastest in class and boost overall work throughput. A standard 2-station APC is field expandable and is coupled with full 360 degree 4th axis capability with rotary scale meaning faster, more accurate production per pallet load.

A 50 tool “fixed pot” automatic tool changer is standard with upgrade capabilities of up to 200 tools in the field. The advanced high speed processing of the Arumatik-Mi controller allows for smoother and faster machining of the most complex work pieces with the potential to add 5th axis simultaneous machining capabilities on both pallets.

Recently awarded the 43rd prize for the Machine Industry Design, Kitamura’s G-Series Machining Centers are evidence of the company’s continual pursuit of excellence in industrial development and a statement of dedication in design and manufacture within the machine tool industry.

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