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FIRST LOOK>>>You Won't Believe this Space Saving Footprint!

14/04/2017 19:59

Compact, Powerful, Highly Accurate, Reliable HMC Machining


• Drastically reduces set-up times for highly complex parts requiring multiple operations

• Amazingly small footprint saves on valuable floor space

• Positioning Accuracy: ±0.000079” Full Stroke, Repeatability: ±0.000039”

• Ultra high speed rapid feed rates of 2,362ipm

• High Speed 4th axis rotary table, DD Motor Driven 54,000deg/min (150rpm) rapids

• 2-Station APC is automation ready and field expandable up to 8 pallets for unmanned operation potential

• High power, high-speed processing Arumatik-Mi CNC with 67 million pulse encoder technology

• Powerful 15,000rpm, 30HP, dual contact spindle - Optional 20,000rpm spindle speed Available

• Ballscrew Cooling and Linear Scale Feedback in all axes

Manufactured in Japan with craftsmanship in hand scraping techniques and ultra-high speed rapids of 2,362ipm, the Mycenter-HX300iG offers high productivity, Kitamua quality and heavy cutting capability in an 8' x 12' footprint.

High Speed, Profit Enhancing Features

2-station APC is automation ready and field expandable up to 8-pallets for unmanned operation potential. 

Full 4th Axis 
Newly designed with a Direct Drive (DD) motor enabling speeds of 150rpm (54,000deg/min) rapids, dramatically reducing part cycle times, eliminating backlash and providing a firm, rigid machining platform. 

Scale Feedback 
Standard state-of-the-art, fine resolution (10 nanometer) optical linear scale feedback in all axes (X,Y,Z) offers long-term, highest in class accuracy. High resolution (0.02 sec.) direct rotary encoder scale feeback (B-axis) minimizes displacement even at the outer edges of the table limit.

Outstanding positioning accuracy of +/-0.002mm (+/-0.000079")/Full stroke 

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